Snow Selfies & Winter Wonderlands

Show us your favorite photos on the slopes, snowy selfies, or outdoor winter moments for a chance to win 3-Day, 2-Night Stay at Westgate Park City Resort & Spa.

Get yours in by April 16, 2018
Carolina W.
“I’m from Chile! So I never got the chance to go Icekating , that’s why I love my kids to enjoy this opportunity. They love it!!”
John H.
“Not the best picture but definitely the best and deepest powder day ever, the day after Christmas, can you say EPIC! What a Christmas present! Up to at least mid thigh in places (I’m 6’ 3”). To top it off I was with my sons. My oldest decided it would be funny to wear the same wig he wore at his college graduation (in accounting at BYU) what a jokester.”
Dana M.
“We LOVE Park City and would LOVE to win a stay some place new that we’ve never stayed before!”
Cindy T.
“Westgate Feb 2017 1st trip to park city”
Angelique L.
“This is the closet we get to snow here in Stockbridge GA but me and the kids made the best of it.”
Justin B.
“Such an amazing day skiing with friends. My beard was too frozen to allow my face to express the magbitude of my joy.”
Shea L.
“Checkin the tunes before the first powder run of the day.”
Jonathon B.
“Snowy day out of bounds, location a secret...”
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3-Day, 2-Night Stay at Westgate Park City Resort & Spa
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Get yours in by April 16, 2018